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About Us

We have been immersed in the autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) industry since it first hit the shores of America over fifteen years ago. Founder Roger Babb, who learned about AAC technology through his involvement in the electric power and lumber industries, developed the technology to produce AAC products with American materials including reclaimed fly ash. Since then we have supplied AAC materials to jobs of all types and sizes, from garden sheds to 32-story buildings, all over the United States.

SafeCrete supplies autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) products. We also source various elements in our product line, including stucco, tools and some AAC products, from other manufacturers. Our products generally ship from Georgia or Mexico on flatbed trucks. We also provide consultation and estimating services, and referrals to architects, engineers and installers.

sales@safecrete.com . Be sure to include all your contact information.

Current lead times are 2-4 days out of Georgia and 2-3 weeks out of Mexico for block orders and approximately 6 weeks for panels. For AAC tools, equipment, fasteners, and accessories, see www.taylortradingco.com.

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Build a safe, efficient, permanent home with autoclaved aerated concrete.
We ship to the continental US, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, and nearby islands.
For AAC tools, equipment, fasteners, and accessories see www.taylortradingco.com

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